Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Don’t just my book by its TITLE… or lack thereof :\

I am really stumped over this one. Not as bad as with the names of the characters but almost. And I had this difficulty with the last novel and needed a little help from my friends. Maybe I’ll ask you’s all advice again on that!

The characters… still waffling. Nick Jones could also become Chad Jones. Not sure. I think I need to explore his personality more as I write to solidify it in my head. …Elliott? I think I’m going with Ralph. (I have an uncle Ralph.) He is going to go by RC (initials) and I will explain why in the story. I have been pondering today the synopsis of the story. I think once I have that, a title MAY surface. Who knows?

I’ve been writing. Not a lot today but I did scribble down 5 pages of “outline” to help me keep plot details in order. This book is NOT the one I wanted to keep on writing but it is the one that the characters are talking to me. When Darian starts talking again, I’ll write that one. Until then I will go with the river that creativity flows in!

This tale deals with “beauty” and it being skin deep or not. It deals with hate and intolerance, but most of my stuff does! It contains more of myself in it. I always use things I know from my past (or present) to enhance the “realness” of the characters. It deals with self esteem and self confidence.

Will it have a happy ending? I will not know until I write it.

I have 2289 written. Doesn’t seem like much but it IS when the story keeps writing itself in my head and I only lack the time to type!! More words on their way!

On other news… I’m fine. I always have my ups and downs but life for me is normally the same. My problem is my emotional investment in things. I tend to care too much and sometimes it comes back to hurt me in the end. Although today… I’m okay.

My college friend ‘K’ is doing okay. Not great, but okay. We’ve raised about $2000.00 for him and that has taken care of some college debt (which now will keep him out of collections) and given him a security deposit to put down on an apartment. FINDING the apartment is still in the works, but he is doing his best. And the school is working on helping him more too. I find that WHEN ASKED people are more open to help than I originally thought. I’m trying to give my hatred of people in general another consideration since I am slowly running into some sparse NICE people. Who knew you were out there? Either way, he is still in need.

Still supporting my friend. Help if you can. http://www.gofundme.com/helpgaystudent

 What else? I have another friend who lost a family member. THEN she lost another like a week or two after that. Losing loved ones, even when they are older and somewhat expected to go before you, still hurts when you love them. My thoughts are with her and her grief. ** I’m sorry, dear lady that I can do no more than pray for you and hope that your sadness passes soon**

This is going to be a busy week. I haven’t had much sleep. (Which doesn’t help the writing factor.) But even if I am not at my computer, lately I am consumed with thinking about Nick and RC -- Scenes, scenarios, plot twists (lol, do mine twist?) and dialogue. I got some stuff brewing! Oddly, I have not written ONE sex scene! Wow. I do know when they first kiss. I also know when they touch first.

Just writing this blog makes me want to STOPPP and get to writing something. Come on creative synapses, get your juice going!!

Over and out.

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