Monday, August 20, 2012

Treadmill con't. *An update for the GR's group :)

I don't think I managed to breathe over the weekend, stuff just went by too fast for that!

It's crazy how sometimes I have time to sit and write and I put it off and distract myself because I "don't feel like it" and then there are times (like NOW) when all I want is a few consecutive hours to plug away at the keys and I get none! I mean, yes I'm here now, but it is not the same. I really don't have HOURS. I have 15/20 minutes. In that time I really only have a chance to look at e-mail and jot a blog post.


I have deadlines looming in deadly proximity! I wanted to possibly write a "short" for Kiernan's Kelly's call for submission. That one though has existing characters and I don't want publishers angry or anything. I also need to do some research before it's done. THEN, I noticed a call from Dreamspinner for the Advent Calendar. I thought, "Hmmm, I could do one. But which characters do I write about in a  'short'?" Do I write new ones that I am hoping to flesh out in my WIP? But it needs to be about holiday love.  I could do a snippet of Ellis and Cole that can add to their allure when the novel finally releases?

I don't know. But I have two weeks to decide.

THEN... Dilemma... What do I do about TCOL???? I didn't hear from the current "submitted to" publisher. (Notice how I'm being nice and not mentioning which.) It has been OVER their stated time-frame. I even sent a "status update" inquiry as per their auto-response e-mail stating it was my choice to do so after the allotted time was elapsed. STILL NOTHING!! How long do I wait? I was trying to be polite and wait on them as their website asks BUT they are not showing the same courtesy to me! What do I do? I have one other option I have in mind before I hang it all and go self-pub. I WANT THIS FRICKIN' BOOK PUBLISHED THIS YEAR!!! (or at the very least WITH a publisher who is intending to publish it.) Hanging around is annoying. PLUS, with all this wait and build up I worry it will end up being a bad sequel to a movie that everyone anticipates and then regrets paying the $9.00 movie-ticket prices and think they should have waited for the DVD. I don't want TCOL to be like, "gee, I wished I got it on some free pirate site, illegally, rather than pay for this c***!!"

Yes, --this is me worrying AGAIN!

So, I'm hoping to figure this all out before I drive myself insane.

I was asked how my friend 'K' is doing? Fine. I asked for an update to post and he's working on it.
We raised about 63% of the need. you can still give, donations are always welcome, but I am not going to pester people. You can donate thru this paypal account:
or through the donation sight that uses Wepay: Rally Around Gay College Student in NEED   Either one works.

I guess that is all for now. It's really the same as the last blog. I'm in limbo over TCOL and I need to find time to write all the scenes floating around in my head! There is a LOT in there, trust me! If I ever get the chance to sit down, I hope to bang this one out in two months! I'd LOVE to submit it by December!

Goals! It is good to have them :)


OH, By the way, WLINE is on this months copy of the Scarlet Letter online Magazine! Check it out. Zathyn Priest and Michele Montgomery etc. work hard on this. It's really well done, but needs exposer. Stop by. Read. There are articles and loads of cool stuff. JUST LIKE A MAGAZINE! but online :)


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