Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Running on the Treadmill of LIFE!

Howdy y'all.

Every time I say that it cracks me up because I am so not country. AND not southern. Yet somehow "howdy y'all" always comes to mind as a greeting. Hmmm. Maybe I watch too many movies that use it? Country music? (lol, -NOT!)

I have to say, I am so sorry it has been over a week since I last posted. WOW. I can't believe how fast time flies when you are caught up in the rat race and doing everything and anything to make a buck. It has been a grueling week. I sleep like the dead because I'm so darn tired. Normally I'm a light sleeper and I wake often with thoughts in my mind about stories and plots etc. Characters talk to me in my sleep. I dream about them. Not lately. I am dead asleep!

So, sorry I've kept people hanging. :S Not intentional just a sad repercussion of working too hard and long and not having time for ME! I need time to write. I have none. Even now I could write but I normally like a few hours to get in a good run. I'm not a person who can sit at the computer and be happy with 20 minutes or 150 words. I can use a notebook for that! In fact, I have. My notebook as oodles of pages of scribbled mess I need to type out! (Oh gosh, I said oodles!) But it does!! I have several scenes and lots of dialogue. The WIP is shaping in my head if not on computer!

I am also facing the 16 week mark for the submission of TCOL! Friday is it. I MAY wait until Saturday to e-mail and inquire of the status. (The conformation e-mail in April gave me permission to do that!) I have soooo much planned that the end of this month is going to drive me crazy!

1. TCOL needs and answer. If the answer is NO, I need to resubmit elsewhere!!
2. The short BDSM needs to be completed and submitted by 8/31
3. I HAVE to find time for my WIP!!
4. I also need to get back to writing Darian's story!!
5. I am designing a 'T' shirt line to go with the release of MRJWC in December so I need to get moving on the design. *When you read the book, you'll understand! And maybe want to buy one ;p

Not all 5 of those tasks can be completed in the few remaining weeks of August, but they are the things that I need to concentrate on as I move into fall! Goal: To get TCOL published THIS YEAR, and to finish and submit another novel!!

So how do I accomplish these things when I feel like my head is going to explode trying to get the above done while working and trudging through my daily life? My life seems exhausting at times! How do writers do it? I guess if I was extremely popular and I had 20 novels published then writing could BE my day job and I wouldn't need to do anything else?? Here is to keeping that as my goal!!

AND to make matters worse, I think I have tendentious in my elbow. Not nice!! Do you know how much you do with your dominant arm? You find out when you can't use it! When I have it wrapped, the pain down my arm is less. When my arm is straight, the pain is less. (Hard to type with my arms all stretched out like Frankenstien's monster!) I discovered this morning that I can't blow my nose with my left hand. Geez. I'm too uncoordinated with that hand to do such a simple task! And I am pretty versatile with my less dominant hand. I can even write left handed. (I am normally right-handed if you didn't get that!) So, I'm bitching about it here! Stupid arm... Always something!!!

So, I'm pushing through. Working my ass off, accomplishing daily chores and appointments and sometimes feeling like I'm in the car more than anywhere else! I'll write, it just might take a while!


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