Sunday, August 26, 2012

Feels GOOD to write!

Writing comes from somewhere inside that doesn't have definition. YES, it is in my head but it's way more than that. Writing feels like life sometimes. It seems from my pours it surges through my veins; writing lives inside waiting for that small chance to step out on its own a breathe without me. The words build and surge as if awaiting the chance to life free on their own. I write, and I feel like I'm freeing something that's been trapped. And in that moment of release I'm free too. I close my eyes and I soar.

Writing drives me. I can't explain it and sometimes I forget when I'm stuck in the daily grind of life. But in those moments when I can sit, and type, and create, and let everything out, I feel something no other act can give me. No, I'm not comparing it to sex. And I'm not comparing writing to chocolate lest some women out there squawk at me. :P I'm saying that for me, there is no other feeling like it. To create words, sentences, paragraphs, stories, is to feel life beginning in my soul.

I wish this were my day job! It's a goal for sure. To do what I love and get paid for it is really what everybody would like to do.

But I'm creating in the small sections of time I get! I wrote yesterday. Maybe over 1000 words. Not a huge amount but I set up a scene and I have in mind where Nick is going and who he is with etc. That helps. Knowing WHERE the story is going, is sometimes better than writing random scenes. Scenes HAVE to go together at some point. So when I lack time to write out whole chapters, outlining the coming events is good enough for me. I think I am going with Nick Jones. It's simple and fits who he is. I also came up with a title: Names Can Never Hurt Me. Unless there is another book out there that you think of when you read that, I think it fits. I haven't come up with a blurb yet. I'm letting the story develop first.

Sometimes the premiss for the novel hits me first. Like When Love Is Not Enough. I'm pretty sure I had a blurb for that one way sooner. I knew what I was going to write about. Names Can Never Hurt Me is still forming in my head. I have an idea. Self Esteem plays a big role in this one. I have decided not to write a "bittersweet" tale so by default it will have an HEA/HFN ending. In some way I have to give in to the accepted tale because it sells. I don't want to conform, but if every book I write is like WLINE I won't get established. I'll sell 1000 copies of a smattering of 4 books and people will forget who I am. I'm just keeping this in mind as I write. I NOT selling out. I'll write hard topics. Nothing is going to be cookie-cutter with me. I write what I feel. I write what I know. I write what I think the WORLD needs to read. BUT, I'm going to give readers some of what they desire so I can keep writing and not worry about every book whether it will sell. The Cost of Loving being the HUGE example of a book that I was banking on and here it sits a year later. I can't have that with everything! I need to sell books. At least a few of them!

So... Names Can Never Hurt Me is at about 3385 words. Not much, but I have handwritten pages in a notebook to transfer!
Love, Trust, And Learning To Live Again is at about 14k. (Darian's tale for those who forgot)

I am writing them sort of at the same time as the mood strikes. I feeling good! I'm writing, Therefore I can take on the world!


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