Sunday, August 10, 2014


My official BLOG TOUR started last week with Joyfully Jay, (click link to view) where I discussed WHY THIS TITLE, WHY THIS BOOK? I posted a giveaway and an excerpt. There is still time to enter the contest at Joyfully Jay, so go NOW and post a comment to her blog. Then on Thursday, I appeared on Prism Book Alliance. I listed "10 interesting facts" about myself and I also had a giveaway and an excerpt. I want to say, that ALL these excerpts are unique and if you want to get a true picture of this book, AND ME, then you should hop to each blog as read what I have to say. I MAY post those later on my blog, but to do so NOW defeats the purpose of a Blog Hop.

Coming up this week I will be featured on The Blogger Girls tomorrow for RELEASE DAY!!

There is still time to PRE-ORDER Names Can Never Hurt Me from Dreamspinner Press. In fact, right this second (Sunday, 3:14pm) I noticed my titles are on SALE!!!!!! If you order a paperback, you get the eBook free. This is especially good if you want me to sign a book at GRL. Buy the paperback from Dreamspinner while it is on sale, bring it with you for a personal message, and read the eBook tomorrow morning as soon as it is ready to download. I think that is brilliant.

I posted in a BLOG post earlier today that I will NOT be able to sell books at GRL due to licensing and taxes and a fee that will occur if I choose to sell out of state. I live in MD. I pay taxes in MD. If I sell in IL then I have to pay taxes to IL and anything with the government is an issue. In order to get around licenses, GRL is contracting a "book seller" to submit taxes for the books sold, however there is a fee involved. If I have to buy the paperback, and then charge a fee to YOU in order to pay THEM, I can't make it worth while for you. So, hey, PRE-ORDER! I know when I bought The Art of Breathing by TJ Klune, I got the paperback in the mail about 4 days after it released, but the eBook was available right away on release day. I have my pretty paperback signed by TJ, and I have a mobile version that goes with me. I liked that option, so maybe you will too! And Dreamspinner does PFD, Mobi, ePub and other forms of eFiles. Just saying'.

On the Blogger Girls I will discuss why this book is "A Long Time Coming." Again with a giveaway and also a unique excerpt. If you follow the excerpts, beware it can be a spoiler. I like to read books from front to back and I never peek in the middle or look ahead. If you are like that then you may want to shy away. But hey! I'm giving away gift cards and a paperback (Joyfully Jay) and gift certificates and stuff.

August 12 - Rainbow Book Reviews will post a review of Names Can Never Hurt Me. I can't wait to see what Lena Grey has to say. All her reviews are well thought out and deep. 

August 13 - Smoocher's Voice will post an interview I did with Jodi. It should be fun! I also list an excerpt!!! I met Jodi in Tampa at Rainbow Con. We chatted and she bought some books. After reading NAMES she then read ALL my books--crazy girl--and then can up with lots of questions to ask me. Visit her blog on Wednesday to see my answers. Also doing a giveaway, but thinking now about what it will be.

August 14 - The Novel Approach will have another special excerpt and giveaway.
August 16 - Jeff Adams' Blog…. Oh Jeff! Jeff is a wonderful guy but BOY did he come up with some questions. On Jeff's blog I will answer 12 interview questions, one of which came from Michael Chulsky Kudo. If you know Michael he can really think outside the box! If you want some fun, visit Jeff&Will's blog to read more about ME.

On August 17 - FACEBOOK takeover of Dreamspinner's FB page. I will chat in the afternoon with whoever shows up!

August 20 - GGR Reviews
August 22 - Multitasking Momma
August 25 - Rainbow Gold Reviews
August 26 - Tammmy Middleton's blog
August 27 - back at Joyfully Jay

FRIEND FRIDAYS is up agin this week with Tammy Middleton. Previously I have hosted Sue BrownJeff AdamsGregory Payne, and Chris Shirley. 

I look forward to your comments and reviews on NAMES. I sincerely hope that you love this story and that my wonderful readers will make it a best seller! Since I only normally write and publish one a year, I have most of my eggs in THAT basket. hahaha. 

My work in progress is coming along slowly. I hope i can find some quiet times this week to add to it.

Hugs to you all, and thank you for your continued support and love.


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