Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm not interested in your friendship...


I like Facebook for the friendships I have made there. I do. But I am not on Facebook to date people. NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!! So, new policy, unless we have friends in common that I recognize, I am not accepting friend requests. WAAAAYYYYY too many people I "accept" and give them the benefit of the doubt start off with the obligatory "Hi. How are you?" How many of those are just interested in actually getting to know me and find out how I'm doing? ZERO!!!

I'm an author. I am not your potential girlfriend. (Or boyfriend since very few people "friending" me look at the profile picture or my BIO online.)

I am posting this here because of the potential people who will randomly "friend request" me and I hit "decline" and I hurt their feelings. I don't intend on hurting your feelings. If we really have no friends in common, and I can name a few where it is 1 friend or 2 friends, then send me a message or give me a heads up if I  don't respond. Comment below, or send me an e-mail.

I don't mean to offend people or hurt your feeling. I am simply annoyed at the "Hi. How ya doing?" messages I get that are intended as a pick up line.

Short message to the world at large. I am UNDATABLE. Go away.

But if you DO want to have some level of "friendship," ongoing, marginal, or somewhere in between, then find me:

That is all :)

*As an addendum, there ARE a few people who know who they are that have the right to flirt with me whenever they wish. This message does not apply to you.

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