Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Dirty Dozen

This is a post for the group of SUPPORTING AUTHORS who are attending GRL in October who got together and decided to support each other and promote each other starting September 1st. I am not sure who came up with the name, but probably TAMMY MIDDLETON. She has been central in organizing everything! I think it is going to be a network of cross-over blog post interviews with each of the 12 authors. We each asked one question and as far as I understand each of us is going to answer ALL the questions when we are guests on different blogs.

Here is the line-up:

Date ~ Author                                   is Hosting Author

Sept 1 ~ Max Vos                              Carter Quinn
Sept 4 ~ diana.copland                       TM Smith
Sept 7 ~  JC Wallace                          Max Vos
Sept 10 ~  Jeff Adams                        Diana Copland
Sept 12 ~  le.franks                             JC Wallace
Sept 15 ~  Ethanstone                          Jeff Adams
Sept 18 ~  writerwadekelly                  LE Franks
Sept 21 ~  Morticia Knight                   Ethan Stone
Sept 23 ~  tempeste.oriley                   Wade Kelly
Sept 25 ~  rafehaze                             Morticia Knight
Sept 28 ~ Carter Quinn                       Tempeste O’Riley
Sept 30 ~ TM Smith                            Rafe Haze

I have a feeling this will not look so good on GOODREADS. :s sorry. Sometimes the feed messes up the formatting really bad.

So stop by  Max Vos' BLOG and see what Cartin Quinn has to say. And after that, follow the blog hop tour throughout the month and get to know who the DIRTY DOZEN  is!

Cheers ;)

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